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                Chemiluminescence Principle 
                Double oxalate ester and hydrogen peroxide, excited fluorescent pigment molecules;fluorescent pigments release energy in the form of light energy, and produce luminescence . Luminescence intensity is 700-900 lumen (generally intensity from TV screen is around 500 lumen), and the maximum could be above 2000 lumen; it last 0.5-72 hours. 


                Glow stick feature 
                No power needed; the chemical energy directly converts into light; Luminescence last long time; high brightness; no open flame & static electricity; color and shape are selective; novelty appearance; non-toxic and harmless; non-radioactive; non-flammable; non-explosive; safe, reliable, long storage, and easy to carry.

                Light stick can be widely used in Emergency lighting, concert, dancing house, birthday, parties, weddings, banquets, gala, festivals, celebrations, outings, camping, other outdoors lighting, and decorative occasions.

                Light stick series products, due to its specialty that produce light via chemical reaction other than external power, and its other features such as non-radioactive, without high temperature, can be particularly applied in diving, rescue, expedition, outdoor activities and illumination in high-risk assignment.    

                As one of the largest manufacturer of chemiluminescence products in the world, we supply comprehensive product line, including CPPO, CIPO, various fluorescent dyes, and solvents, and provide clients the newest and most suitable solutions and portfolios of these products.